Double CD now available at a special price - Helen Shapiro's "Gospel Collection"

Songs for your Flags Ministry cover"Songs for your Flags Ministry". This CD produced by Kingsway's Children's Ministry with songs recommended by Marie contains 18 great tracks with full lyrics included and over one hour of music! The tracks chosen are choreographed for you in our book 'Choreography for "Songs for your Flags Ministry" CD' ("Moving in Praise with Flags" is also needed to make best use of this book). The tracks include:- We Want to see Jesus lifted high; My Jesus, My Saviour; Jesus, All for Jesus; Let Everything that has Breath; Colours of Salvation; the Rainbow Song; Jesus Be The Centre; Children of the Cross; Lord You are Calling and many more! It is a great value extended length worship CD in its own right!

We now supply 15 books and publications as part of our resources for Christian dance.


The prices for our books and the accompanying music are as follows:-

Moving in Praise with Flags - 4.50

Moving in Praise with Twirling Banners & Ribbons - 4.50

Flags in Spiritual Warfare - 6.00

An Introduction to Israeli and Davidic Dance - 5.50

Christian Dance for those who can't - 7.50

Children's Dances (including dances for Family Worship) - Books 1 & 2 combined - 5.00

Choreography for "Songs for your Flags Ministry" CD - 5.00

Christian Youth Dance Manual - 6.00

Choreographed Dances for Twirling Banners - 4.00

Praise Tambourines! - 4.00

Simple Worship Dances - 4.00

Simple Worship Dances Book 2 - 4.00

Simple Israeli Dances - 4.00

Flag Dances from "Best Worship Songs Ever" CDs - 4.00

Flag Dances from Mission Praise - 4.00

New Flag Dances - 4.00

New Children's Dances - 4.00

Drama for Church Kids - 4.00

Dance for Church Kids - 3.00

CD - Music for Children's Dances by Legacie - 12

CD - Songs for your Flags Ministry - 12.00

Double CD - Helen Shapiro's "Gospel Collection" - 10.00

For details of how to place your order, and for foreign enquiries, see our contact page.

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