3 metre ribbons For use in church or other confined spaces, we recommend ribbons in 3 or 2 metre lengths, with carbon fibre wands.
Amongst the recent additions to our range are our: 3 metre Double Ribbons with gold or silver with wands. These combine one of our normal colour ribbons with an equal length of attractive gold or silver ribbon, making an eye-catching combination.3 metre Double Ribbons with Gold or Silver
4 metre Rainbow Ribbon4 metre Rainbow Ribbons with wands are a stunning co-ordination of equal lengths of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange & red ribbon. On the move these ribbons really do give an authentic "Rainbow" effect.

Although these are our recommended and standard lengths for ribbons, we may be able to supply different lengths, to special order, should you so wish. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and prices.

Colours available for 3 metre ribbons:-

Red; purple; orange; blue; green; pink; yellow; black; & white.

Why not try one of our 4 metre Rainbow Ribbons?

See our Colours page for details of what the colours of these ribbons can represent

2 Metre & 1.5 Metre Ribbons

Especially suitable for children over 3 years, we have 1.5 metre ribbons on a flexible plastic rod. Although shorter and lighter, they are designed with the same swivel fitting to allow the same degree of movement as with the longer ribbons. These ribbons are often used by schools in the teaching of "WriteDance", a combination of physical activity and making marks on paper designed to develop children’s coordination skills in order to promote a legible style of handwriting, making this connection through a response to music and body movements. 1.5 metre ribbons
2 metre ribbonsOur 2 metre ribbons are made with the same 50mm wide ribbon as the 3 metre ribbons (as opposed to the 35mm wide ribbon used for the 1.5 metre ribbons), but this time mounted on a flexible carbon fibre stick, making them suitable for children of ages 8 to 12.

Colours available for 1.5 metre ribbons are the same as for 3 metre ribbons (save for black), but Gold and Silver are also available in this length (at small extra cost).
For 2 metre ribbons, because the wider ribbon is used, the colours are the same as for the 3 metre ribbons (see above).

ALSO NOW SUPPLIED are 1.5 metre Double Ribbons with gold or silver on a flexible plastic rod. As with the 3 metre Double Ribbons, these combine one of our normal colour ribbons with an equal length of gold or silver ribbon.

Ribbon Rings

ribbon ringsFor very young children, and anyone who finds holding a stick difficult, we also offer "Ribbon Rings". These have an easy-to-hold plastic ring with numerous multi-coloured ribbons (including gold or silver) of approximately 37cm in length.


The prices for our ribbons are as follows:-

4 metre Rainbow Ribbons (complete with wands) - £13.50

3 metre ribbons with wands - £9.00

3 metre Double Ribbons with gold or silver (complete with wands) - £11.50

2 metre ribbons - £5.00

2 metre Double Ribbons with gold or silver - £7.00

1.5 metre ribbons - gold & silver - £3.50

- other colours - £3.00

1.5 metre Double Ribbons with gold or silver - £5.00

Ribbon Rings - £5.50

Carbon fibre wands - £6.50

For details of how to place your order see our contact page.

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