This is what the colours of your Flags, Twirling Banners, Ribbons or Lametta Shakers can represent:-

Gold flagGold = Kingship, majesty, glory of Heaven
Silver flagSilver = God's gifts (as in the Holy Spirit), redemption
Bronze flagBronze = Truth, justice, judgement
Blue flagBlue = Heaven, water, splendour
Green flagGreen = Creation, new life, growth
Red flagRed = Salvation, the blood of Christ, sin
Purple flagPurple = Royalty, kingship, "the Purple Robe", grace
White flagWhite = Holiness, purity, cleansing
Black flagBlack = Death, sadness, darkness
Yellow flagYellow = Light, joy, celebration, faith
Pink flagPink = Healing, health
Orange flagOrange = Fire, power, also the Holy Spirit

Please refer to the relevant pages below for details of which colours are currently stocked for each resource, or contact us direct for details of your specific requirements. We are often able to obtain colours which are not part of our standard stock, to special order, although sometimes this will increase the price of the resource concerned.

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