Lametta Shakers

Lametta Shakers Attached to short dowelling, these come in various glittering colours, and great favourites with children. This product has been used by many people in different situations, including those working with people with learning disabilities. The varying colours can be used to great effect in visual presentations - portraying anything from running water to the stars in the heavens or the moving of the Holy Spirit. We occasionally have additional colours to those listed below - contact us for further details.

Colours available (according to stock):-

Red; gold; silver; blue; and purple.

See our Colours page for details of what these colours can represent

Mini Praise-wavers

Our new Mini Praise-wavers make a powerful visual impact at a low price! They are made of 3 different coloured strips of metallic lamé material, each approximately 80 centimetres in length, and all attached to a short carbon fibre stick.
Great for use by adults or children alike, they provide a real splash of colour that will enliven any church service!

Wands for ribbons/streamers

These can be supplied separately if you so wish.


Lametta-shakers on short dowelling - £3.50

Mini Praise-wavers - £4.50

Wands for ribbons/streamers - £6.50

See also our Flags page for details of our useful and colourful "Flag Bags"

For details of how to place your order see our contact page.

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