Our worship flags are supplied in 4 convenient sizes:- Large - 100cm x 106cm; Medium - 100cm x 80cm; Small - 75cm x 54cm and Mini.

The colours currently in stock are:-


See our Colours page for details of what the colours of these flags can represent

Please note there is a limited colour choice for the Mini flags.

We also stock flags in "Iridescent" material - a material which has a beautiful opal-like sheen. At present we have in stock iridescent blue and iridescent white. The additional cost of flags in these colours is an extra 1.50 for either Large or Medium sizes.

Due to difficulty in posting, dowelling for flags is not provided (except in the case of Mini flags), but we have now sourced collapsible carbon fibre poles for your flags. These have several advantages over dowel - they are extra light and collapse down, so they can be slipped off your flag and put in your suitcase for ease of travel.

Motif Flags

For additional cost, your flag (large or medium size) can be embossed with the following symbols:-

The Dove flags are available on iridescent white or iridescent blue. The Eagle flags are available on multi-coloured organza or iridescent blue. The Lion flags are normally on habotai silk but can be embossed on multi-coloured organza.

Cross flagDove flag
Crown flagMorning Glory

We also sell flags with a spectacular "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" symbol (the picture here is zoomed in to the centre of the flag, and is not of the whole flag).

Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Motif FlagPrice
Large Dove (iridescent)  27.50
Medium Dove (iridescent)  24.50
Large "Morning Glory" Eagle on multi-coloured organza  32.50
Medium "Morning Glory" Eagle on multi-coloured organza  29.50
Large Lion  31.50
Medium Lion   28.50
Large Crown / Large Cross  26.50
Medium Crown / Medium Cross  23.50

Rainbow Flag

Our Large or Medium Rainbow "Covenant" Flags make an awesome statement in worship, prayer or spiritual warfare. These flags are made up of all 7 colours of the rainbow beautifully combined together.

Rainbow flag

Jesus Flags

Jesus flagDancing with Jesus flag

These large or medium purple flags in habutae silk are embossed with the word "Jesus" in gold. We can also supply them in white or gold with red lettering.

If you would like a flag with a different word on it, please contact us for a quotation - such as "Yeshua", "Messiah", "Shalom", "Emmanuel" or "King of Kings".

Flag Bags

Flag Bags Supplied in 4 sizes, the larger can easily hold numerous flags up to our Large size, while the medium is suitable for our Medium size flags, and the smaller flag bag is suitable for Small flags or Twirling Banners. We also supply a custom-made bag for ribbons. They are made of tough black or brown cotton material with variable colour flashing, strong drawstring and label for your name and address!

We also stock "Twirling Banners", and you may wish to check these out before making your choice!


Our prices are as follows:-

Large flags - 14.00

Medium flags - 12.00

Small flags - 8.00

Mini flags - 5.50

Large Rainbow Flags - 22.00

Medium Rainbow Flags - 20.00

Large "Jesus" Flags - 32.50

Medium "Jesus" Flags - 30.50

Collapsible Carbon Fibre poles for Large Flags - 3.00

Collapsible Carbon Fibre poles for Medium Flags - 2.50

Collapsible Carbon Fibre poles for Small Flags - 1.00

Twirling Banners - 15.50

Large bag for flags - 13.50

Medium bag for flags - 11.50

Small bag for flags - 10.50

Ribbon bag - 9.50

For details of how to place your order see our contact page.

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