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Welcome to the web-page of Kingdom Dance Resources Limited. At Kingdom Dance Resources we are able to supply your needs in the area of Christian dance. Whatever your needs may be in this regard, we can help! We specialise in
worship flags, streamers, and praise or gymnastic ribbons.

We can also help with books and CDs and workshops.

Kingdom Dance Resources aims to equip and resource churches, other Christian groups and also individuals in the area of Christian dance. This website gives comprehensive information on our range of products available. Some items may be of particular interest to those working with children - and also to those with learning disabilities.

If your needs mean you have specific requirements relating to colour, size of flags, length of ribbons, or the like, please do contact us and we will do our utmost to help you.

The Director of Kingdom Dance Resources Limited is Marie Bensley, who is the Co-ordinator for the Bristol & West region of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain, and Joint Co-ordinator of the Flags & Banners Network of the International Christian Dance Fellowship. She has wide experience in the realm of Christian dance generally, and especially in the use of flags and ribbons in worship. She has a ministry nationwide in leading workshops and seminars on these subjects, and over the last 12 years has also taught at various locations and conferences abroad. Together with her husband Andrew, Marie has a powerful ministry in leading workshops, seminars and creative worship weekends on these subjects. Marie also teaches on using flags in spiritual warfare, and on subjects such as using flags and material prophetically, in healing and in intercession. She has written a number of books on these topics. Marie and Andrew have a testimony of God bringing healing in their marriage which was triggered through Christian dance, and this brings a strong anointing when they dance together. More recently they have danced specifically on the subject of marriage reconciliation, and God has used this to bring healing in the relationships of others. Click here to download a copy of Marie's flyer. Marie Bensley
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